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WARNING: Large screenshots lie ahead! I resized them quite a lot, but I play on a 20″ 1600×900 monitor, so they may be like WHOOSH IN YOUR FACE if you play on a smaller one.

I’ve spent the last few weeks plugging away at a few of the items on my bucket list. I made a lot of progress. In fact, over the last week, I think I managed to knock off about half the things on it.

First, it was decreed that Serreina should reach 80. And lo, my first max-level alt came to be:
Level 80 Death Knight!

No, that’s not a glowy red ding – I missed the actual ding, having dinged on a mob kill. But I caught the achievement itself, and I was standing in my mage friend’s Flamestrike, which looks pretty darn cool if you ask me!

With that done, I plowed away at my remaining Alliance rep grind – Gnomeregan, possibly the most aggravating Alliance rep grind, which I’d saved for last since I wasn’t as far along in their rep as I was the others (I was not quite halfway through revered). After I finished the quest series, I bought a few commendation badges and voila! Ambassador title for me!

Ambassador Shizukéra

I stopped to laugh for a while, because if you’ve RP’d with Shizu you know how funny it would be for her, of all people, to actually be an ambassador. Many dignitaries would facepalm. Then I remembered something else, and I raced to Dun Morogh, where I completed another achievement I’ve been eyeballing for a while:

Leading the Cavalry

Yes, Shizu was 7 mounts away from the albino drake, and Gnomeregan happened to have 7 mounts available. Huzzah! And the albino drake is gorgeous, so here, have a gratuitous screenie:

Shizu and her albino drake

With those achievements under my belt, I decided it was time to finish off my Silver Covenant and Argent Crusade reputations. Three days later, I hit exalted with the Silver Covenant. That left me about 4 days’ worth of dailies away from Argent Crusade exalted and the Crusader title, but I am impatient. So I took a deep breath, dove into /lookingforgroup (which, by the way, SUCKS if you’re dps), and waited patiently for someone to announce that they needed dps. One H-Utgarde Keep and one H-Violet Hold later:

Crusader Shizukéra

Then I snickered at the very random, very silly thought of Shizu actually being knighted. “Highlord Fordring, sir, be careful with that blade. I have large ears…”

So, what’s next? The Silver Covenant hippogryph, of course. 85 seals and counting!


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The first rule of reading Shizu’s blog is not to expect Shizu to make sense.

For example, Shizu is currently talking about herself in the third person, and she also used a Doctor Who reference for her username on her World of Warcraft blog.  GG.

(Real content to come, stay tuned!)

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