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Obligatory BlizzCon Flailpost

Whew.  The rumor mill has been going wild over the last few weeks, hasn’t it?  All this stuff about expansions and races and Kalimdor possibly getting smashinated (oh my!) – well, you know how when there’s a movie coming out that everyone’s going crazy about because it’s getting hyped up and frothing at the mouth because it’s going to be the ~*BEST THING EVER*~?  Yeah, that’s what it’s been like around the WoW community.  I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now.

And I am going CRAZY!  I mean … worgen and goblins?  The shredding of Kalimdor?  Thrall as the new Guardian of Tirisfal?  Flying in old Azeroth?  There’s some weird notes running around and while some of it makes sense if I squint my eyes a little and look at it funny, some of it does not, and not all of it tickles my fancy.  And some of it just makes me go D: D: D:  If you talk to me on a regular basis you know exactly which part gives me sadfaces and you’re probably laughing at me.  Well, stop.  😛

So why haven’t I weighed in on the madness?  It’s definitely not for lack of opinions.  I have fairly strong opinions on pretty much everything that’s been leaked up to this point.  But I’ve not said anything other than rambly conversations with friends and guildies because up until now, it’s all been rumors and speculation.  Wild speculation.  Very, very wild speculation.  The way I see it is, until it comes from the blues, it’s nothing but rumors.  Is there a reliable source leaking this craziness?  Is the stuff true?  Maybe, maybe not.  But the fact remains that we don’t really know what Blizzard is planning for the expansion until they themselves announce it.  Which, hopefully, they will do shortly – the opening of BlizzCon is, after all, less than an hour away at the time of this post.

So, I’m going to do what countless other ticketless folks are doing.  I’m going to curl up in front of my computer, fire up the live stream, grab a notepad, point my browser to the TwizzCon site, and see what happens over the next two days.

Bring it on, Blizzard!



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