Confessions of an Altoholic

demon hunters, death knights, and druids, oh my!

About Me

Hi!  I’m Shizu, and this is my World of Warcraft blog.  *waves*

My WoW history in a nutshell:  I started playing on Silver Hand in November 2006, RP’d a lot, transferred to Scarlet Crusade with some friends, leveled to 70, got restless, raided all BC content up to and including Kil’jaeden, leveled to 80, raided Wrath up through Sarth25-3D, got cranky at Northrend and the nerfs to my spec and my inability to adjust to Northrend and the nerfs to my spec, and transferred to Earthen Ring to join the lovely folks of the Netherbane.  I still do some light raiding with the Netherbane, but my focus now is on RP and alt leveling, so most of my posts will have to do with RP and alt leveling.

My main is Shizukéra, a level 80 beast mastery hunter.  My alts include Serreina, level 80 frost-tank death knight; Shizukera, level 60 combat rogue (should level her lockpicking, y/y?); Faisaal, level 60 resto druid; Khiraa, level 60 enhancement shaman; and Syliah, level 61 blood death knight.  Two accounts + Recruit-A-Friend = Epic Win.

In real life, I’m an everyday bureaucrat working in Washington, DC, who spends way too much time with her head in the clouds, quietly giggling at the silly things her characters do.



  1. It’s teh Shizu! *waves* It’s Khelandros.. I didn’t know you had a blog going! Your posts are wonderful, really! I am adding your site to my blogroll ok! Feel free to check it out if you like. It’s over on Blogspot at the moment, but I’m thinking of transferring to WordPress. I don’t know yet. Anyway… good to see you!!!

    Comment by Khelandros | August 20, 2009 | Reply

    • Khel! Hi! Good to see you too! *waves happily*

      Ya, this is my wee little needs-more-updates blog. 😉 I’ve added you to my blogroll too – just let me know if you do move it so I’ll know to update the link!

      Comment by Shizukera Nightfury | August 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Shizu! Didn’t know your blog was up and running! I’ll be sure to add it to The Troll Hunter’s blogroll this afternoon! See you on Twitter!! ‘Spirits Be With Joo!!”

    Comment by The Troll Hunter | September 1, 2009 | Reply

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