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Yes, that’s right – Shizu finally joined the world of the awesome and switched to self-hosting.  My blog can now be found at the following address:

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WARNING: Large screenshots lie ahead! I resized them quite a lot, but I play on a 20″ 1600×900 monitor, so they may be like WHOOSH IN YOUR FACE if you play on a smaller one.

I’ve spent the last few weeks plugging away at a few of the items on my bucket list. I made a lot of progress. In fact, over the last week, I think I managed to knock off about half the things on it.

First, it was decreed that Serreina should reach 80. And lo, my first max-level alt came to be:
Level 80 Death Knight!

No, that’s not a glowy red ding – I missed the actual ding, having dinged on a mob kill. But I caught the achievement itself, and I was standing in my mage friend’s Flamestrike, which looks pretty darn cool if you ask me!

With that done, I plowed away at my remaining Alliance rep grind – Gnomeregan, possibly the most aggravating Alliance rep grind, which I’d saved for last since I wasn’t as far along in their rep as I was the others (I was not quite halfway through revered). After I finished the quest series, I bought a few commendation badges and voila! Ambassador title for me!

Ambassador Shizukéra

I stopped to laugh for a while, because if you’ve RP’d with Shizu you know how funny it would be for her, of all people, to actually be an ambassador. Many dignitaries would facepalm. Then I remembered something else, and I raced to Dun Morogh, where I completed another achievement I’ve been eyeballing for a while:

Leading the Cavalry

Yes, Shizu was 7 mounts away from the albino drake, and Gnomeregan happened to have 7 mounts available. Huzzah! And the albino drake is gorgeous, so here, have a gratuitous screenie:

Shizu and her albino drake

With those achievements under my belt, I decided it was time to finish off my Silver Covenant and Argent Crusade reputations. Three days later, I hit exalted with the Silver Covenant. That left me about 4 days’ worth of dailies away from Argent Crusade exalted and the Crusader title, but I am impatient. So I took a deep breath, dove into /lookingforgroup (which, by the way, SUCKS if you’re dps), and waited patiently for someone to announce that they needed dps. One H-Utgarde Keep and one H-Violet Hold later:

Crusader Shizukéra

Then I snickered at the very random, very silly thought of Shizu actually being knighted. “Highlord Fordring, sir, be careful with that blade. I have large ears…”

So, what’s next? The Silver Covenant hippogryph, of course. 85 seals and counting!

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Profile: Serreina Nightfury

It’s a character profile! Serreina’s, to be precise. Pretty self-explanatory, but my posts feel incomplete without a little author note at the top … yeah, I know I’m a dork. :B



Name:  Serreina Nightfury
Race: Night Elf
Class:  Death Knight
Age:  Several thousand years. She refuses to be more specific.
Faction Affiliation:  Knights of the Ebon Blade
Home:  Acherus, the Ebon Hold
Family:  Faisaal, son; Shizukera, daughter; Taldarion Shatterbound, son-in-law
Other Significant People:  Alaric Nightfury (deceased), Elorith, Faeroh Moonreign, Kharsus, Sedaara, Syliah Runesong
Distinguishing Features:  Glowy death knight eyes. Large, sinister runeblade, which she named Sorrowblade. A massive scar on her chest and back where she was stabbed through the heart with a very large demonic weapon. Bits of ice and frost cling to her armor and her exposed skin.
Quirks:  Dislikes fire. Mildly afraid of paladins and priests (but mostly paladins). Absolutely terrified of the purified Ashbringer, though she hides it well. Yes, Tirion Fordring does make her jittery. Quietly contemplates stealing Mograine’s hat.
Faith: She continues to believe that both the Light and Elune exist and that their power is real, but she is highly displeased with both – the Light because it causes intense pain when she comes in contact with it, and Elune because she feels her goddess abandoned her and allowed her to become what she is now.
Likes:  Killing Scourge, eating Sedaara’s conjured cinnamon rolls.
Hates:  The Lich King, with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.
Her Greatest Fear:  That she’ll be killed in Northrend and be raised into the Lich King’s service yet again.
Personality:  Cold, focused, snarky, and full of carefully concealed rage, Serreina at first seems to retain very little of the humor and gentleness she was known for in life. Initially driven by a single purpose – to destroy the Lich King – she now struggles to reintegrate herself into the living world and atone for the dark acts she committed not only as a member of the Scourge, but also in the insanity that followed her release from the Lich King’s control. She keeps herself encased in ice, both literally and figuratively, and there are very few whom she counts as friends; but those who gain her trust will find that they have an intensely loyal friend and protector.

Other Factoids

Serreina died at Mt. Hyjal, before the creation of Teldrassil and before her people joined the Alliance. Therefore, the lands her people now call home are as alien to her as Outland. Cut off from Hyjal, unable to adjust to the corrupted Teldrassil, and still feeling lost in the other territories of the Alliance, Serreina considers Acherus the closest thing she has to a home. When she is not in Northrend and needs to conduct business with people who are not death knights, she prefers to stay in Stormwind or Ironforge.

She has also started keeping a journal. It’s a simple leather book with the emblem of the Ebon Blade embossed on it, which she might allow one to read, if one asks very nicely.

Faction Relations

Serreina barely even recognizes herself as a night elf, let alone a citizen of the Alliance; she considers herself more a representative to the Alliance than a member of it. She’ll fight to the death to protect the living from the Scourge because she feels no one deserves such a terrible fate, but ultimately her loyalty lies with Highlord Darion Mograine and the Ebon Blade, not with the Alliance or any of its leaders.

Serreina has no real issues with the Horde. She served alongside plenty of former Horde members when she was Scourge, and she maintains her relationships with many of those who were liberated. She does frown upon the presence of the Warsong in Ashenvale – yes, there’s still a nature-loving night elf under that saronite armor – but she’s got better things to do with her time than squabble over trees. Like kill Scourge.

For the record, yes, she thinks both Varian and Garrosh are being abysmally stupid with the Alliance/Horde war shenanigans.

She’s also highly sympathetic to the Forsaken (minus the subfaction of them that created the Wrath Gate plague, of course) due to their shared experience of being raised from death and subjugated by the Lich King.

History in a Nutshell

In life, Serreina Nightfury was a priestess of Elune. She lived quite happily with her mate, Alaric Nightfury, and her two young children, Faisaal and Shizukera, until the War of the Shifting Sands. Both she and her mate survived, but the horrors of the battle had a profound effect on her. She returned to Hyjal with her family and spent the next millennium immersed in her studies, making a name for herself as a gifted healer.

Then came the Third War and the return of the Burning Legion. Serreina went to the front lines to heal those who were wounded in battle. In the final days of the war, the demons overwhelmed the unit she was watching over, injuring her son and killing her mate. Unable to stand against the demonic onslaught, Serreina was killed as well.

Sometime after the battle – after Archimonde’s defeat, the sacrifice of Nordrassil, and the night elves’ move away from Hyjal – Serreina was raised into the Lich King’s service and taken to Naxxramas, where she was trained as a death knight. Guided by the Lich King and empowered by her runeblade, Sorrowblade, she performed her duties with deadly efficiency and was eventually sent to Acherus to assist in the culling of the Scarlet Enclave.

Like many other death knights, she was released from the Lich King’s control at the battle of Light’s Hope Chapel. Unlike most of them, she went quite insane and ended up making several attempts to kill both Shizukera and her mate, the demon hunter Taldarion Shatterbound.

Unfortunately for Serreina, Highlord Darion Mograine found out what she was doing. Concerned for both her mental health and the safety of those at whose sides she would fight, he ordered her to remain behind while the rest of the newly freed death knights moved into Northrend. Devastated and enraged, she returned to Stormwind and made one last attempt to fulfill what she saw as the only duty remaining to her. As she battled Taldarion, Shizukera, unwilling to lose either her mother or her fiancé, leaped into the fray and shattered Sorrowblade, freeing both her mother’s soul and that of another death knight, Kharsus.

With her soul and her will fully restored at last, Serreina seeks to rebuild the relationships she herself nearly destroyed, beginning with her son and daughter, her son-in-law, Kharsus, and the Ebon Blade. Whether she will ever fully realize that goal remains to be seen.

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